The Company

Glas is the future primary product in the sector of food production, not only due to hygienical regulations and standards but furthermore based on norms existing on flavour and tastes among producers and likewise consumers. In an era of global capital markets, design has become a major factor and needs to vary from suitability in daily use to premium class product.

According to its chemical structure and components, glas is , like steel consistently recycable. Another advantage is its very low energy consumption in its processing. In the 1970s glas reclycling was accelerated due to the first oil crisis and ever since became an indispensable element of the present resource cyle. Alone in Germany, approx. 3m tons of glas are being disposed annually. The dual system herein provides approx. 2-2,5m tons and the manufacturing and industrial sector approx. 0,6m tons. Thanks to long lasting business relations, we established ourselves not only within the Geman market, but thus gained important business partners within Europe.

Alongside with our substantiated experience, the benefit and unique advantage for our clients additionally implies an existing and consistent network of business partners. In times of growing international economy convergence and mobile and ever-changing market requirements, such attributions are of upmost importance and intellectual as well as effective disposal concepts the key to success.